Caution Radical Run (B)

Caution Radical Run (B)


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8 Hours




Two Day Rental
(Rental can not exceed past 4:30pm on second day)


Setup Area: 30'Lx15'Wx7'H

Actual Size: 35'Lx11'Wx12'H

Outlets: 1

Age Group: Kids to Adults


Caution Radical Run B: Conquer the Obstacle Odyssey! Embark on an obstacle odyssey with our Caution Radical Run B – a thrilling 30-foot course that dares participants to conquer a variety of caution-themed challenges. This adventure is all about obstacles, twists, and turns, providing a dynamic experience that engages participants in an exhilarating journey from start to finish.

30' of Caution-Themed Challenges Caution Radical Run B is filled with caution-themed obstacles that challenge and entertain participants. From hurdles to tunnels, this obstacle course is designed to keep the excitement flowing, ensuring that every twist and turn adds an extra layer of adventure to the experience.

Obstacle-Driven Excitement Experience the thrill of overcoming a variety of obstacles that test your agility and determination. Caution Radical Run B is all about conquering challenges, making it the perfect choice for those seeking an obstacle-driven adventure that leaves a lasting impression.Delivering Adventure Anywhere Our delivery service extends to Madison, Jackson, Ridgeland, Brandon, Flowood, and beyond. Wherever your event takes place, bring the excitement of Caution Radical Run B for an unforgettable adventure that transforms ordinary gatherings into extraordinary celebrations.

Delivery Options:

Free Standard Delivery within a 20-Mile Radius of Lakeland Drive Exit at I-55:

  • Gluckstadt
  • Madison
  • Ridgeland
  • Pearl
  • Reservoir
  • Brandon 39042 and 39047
  • Richland
  • Clinton
  • Florence
  • North and East Jackson
  • (Call if you have a question about your area)

Benefits include optimized delivery routes for efficiency and must be within a 20-mile radius of Lakeland Drive Exit at I-55.

Same Day Delivery: We will deliver up to 4 hours before your event time and pick up to 4 hours after your event time. 

Park Delivery/1 Hour Window: Tailored for events with specific time constraints, within 1 hour of the event start time and pickup afterward. Note: Excludes setup and breakdown time; please plan accordingly. 

Custom Delivery for Schools or Churches: Special arrangements for unique requirements. Contact our office for personalized assistance to ensure a seamless event.


Dimensions and Weight:

  • Length: 30 feet
  • Width: 11 feet 
  • Height: 7 feet
  • Weight: 329 lbs

Safety Features:

Mesh netting: This allows parents to constantly keep an eye on the kids.

Commercial Grade Vinyl: Made with fire and puncture-resistant vinyl.

Backflow Flap: Restricts air flow in case on an emergency.


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